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Using Our Meat Delivery Service

Purchasing our delicious meat through our home delivery service is environmentally friendly. We make our deliveries in our fuel efficient vehicles and, of course, we do not have to transport extra product on our delivery route. After orders are in, we plot the most efficient route from home to home. Finally, we send you an email with the total and our estimated time of arrival.

Madison, WI
Delivery Information

We make deliveries in Wisconsin to Madison, Monona, McFarland, Cottage Grove, and Waterloo every Saturday so that hopefully no one need eat anything but our delicious meat.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue to make deliveries as long as it seems that we can safely do so. In order to protect both our families, we are asking all our delivery recipients to leave a check and a cooler outside their door for us. If you would like us to ring the door bell when we are leaving, please leave a note.

The minimum order size is $40. Directions are below. For those who like to sleep late or have hectic Saturday schedules, we are always happy to deliver to a cooler, or, you can get together with a neighbor and put in a combined order (we can do separate receipts).

Directions for getting a meat delivery:

1) Email us,, or call us with a list of meat cuts, sizes, and quantities you would like.
2) Include a phone number, in case there are questions.
3) Include directions - we should only require these the first delivery, unless you move.
4) Let us know how you would like the delivery made. For example if you are unavailable at delivery time, include specific directions about where to leave the meat - e.g. cooler, freezer in garage. We will send you a total and approximate delivery time by email so that you can have a check (made payable to Anisoptera Acres) waiting there.

Please click for a price list for a la carte items, as well as information about approximate package sizes.

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